Staff-Students Interfaces


An interface between students and lecturers is vital to the good operation of the MMES. The institutional instrument for this is the MMES Coordinating Committee (‘Comisión Técnica de Seguimiento del Máster’, CTSM), which must include at least one student representative..

A second interface is the tutorial system. Each student is assigned an individual tutor from among the MMES staff. Students are encouraged to consult with their tutors for a variety of ends: obtaining information, handling specific problems, channelling initiatives or submitting complaints.

Often problems arise of which the staff may not be aware (conversely, it may happen that students are ignorant of problems we have detected). Depending on the nature of the problem, the standard path for tackling it is for students to approach either the specific lecturer directly affected by it, or else their tutor. In either case this can be done verbally during the appropriate tutorial hours, or in writing, via e-mail. Should these possibilities prove insufficient, students may convey their concerns to their elected representative, who will bring them to the earliest meeting of the MMES Coordinating Committee.

Lastly, the MMES website itself is designed to provide an interface platform. Students are advised to peruse the site attentively as it offers large amounts of information in, it is hoped, clear and concise language. Above all, this site is the venue where students can best contribute to raising the quality of the MMES through their own work. Needless to say, we welcome suggestions from them towards improving the site.