Research Groups

The staff in the MMES are intensely involved in various research activities. Often they are integrated in research groups. Here are those which have been registered officially in the UAM catalogue of research groups to date:


The LIMEN Group
(HUM  F-051)

Manuel Aguirre (coordinator)
Belén Piqueras
Esteban Pujals Gesalí
Roberta Quance
Beatriz Sánchez Santos 
Robert K. Shepherd
Isabel Soto

Eva Ardoy
Ina Böttger
Nancy Bredendick
Mary Farrell
Julia Földenyi
Tareixa García de Polavieja
Raquel García Iglesias
Philip Sutton
María Anna Zazzarino

The LIMEN Group exists since 1998, and officially since 2007. It studies the function of thresholds in and between texts; liminality in all its textual facets, on the levels of theme, narrative structure, characterization, plot, history; between media, literary genres or cultural periods; interdisciplinarity between literature and folklore, anthropology, the visual arts. Fields of special relevance include the culture of the 18th century, the Gothic genre, visual poetry. The LIMEN group has sponsored six international conferences to-date (The International Seminar on Liminality and Text, see below) and founded a publication venue for liminalist research (The Gateway Press, 1999) (


Language Variation, Creativity and Identity.
 (HUM F-060)     

Laura Hidalgo Downing (coordinator)


Meaning, Identity and Representation in Contemporary Anglo-American Theatre and Fiction
(HUM F-068)

Antonia Rodríguez Gago (coordinator)