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Pilar Somacarrera (ed.)
Made in Canada, Read in Spain: Essays on the Translation and Circulation of English-Canadian Literature. (London: Versita, 2013).

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Made in Canada, Read in Spain is an edited collection of essays on the impact, diffusion, and translation of English Canadian literature in Spain. Given the size of the world’s Spanish-speaking population (some 350 million people) and the importance of the Spanish language in global publishing, it appeals to publishers, cultural agents and translators, as well as to Canadianists and Translation Studies scholars. By analyzing more than 100 sources of online and print reviews, this volume covers a wide-range of areas and offers an ambitious scope that goes from the institutional side of the Spanish-Anglo-Canadian exchange to issues on the insertion of CanLit in the Spanish curriculum; from ‘nation branding’, translation, and circulation of Canadian authors in autonomous communities (such as Catalonia) to the official acknowledgement of some authors by the Spanish literary system -Margaret Atwood and Leonard Cohen were awarded the prestigious Prince of Asturias prize in 2008 and 2011, respectively.

Robert Cockroft, Susan Cockroft and Craig Hamilton and Laura Hidalgo Downing, (in press)

Persuading People: An Introduction to Rhetoric (third revised edition). Palgrave, MacMillan.

Hidalgo Downing, Laura and Blanca Kraljevic (2013) (eds.)

Metaphor in the Social World: Special Issue on ‘Metaphorical creativity across modes’. Metaphor in the Social World 32/2.

Eulalia Piñero Gil.

Translation and critical study, El despertar de Kate Chopin. Madrid: Cátedra 2012.

Eulalia Piñero Gil and Julia Salmerón (eds.).

Rompiendo un mar de silencio: reflexiones interdisciplinares sobre la violencia contra las mujeres. Madrid: UAMm 2013.


Manuel Aguirre
‘The Sovereignty of Wisdom: Boethius’ Consolation in the Light of Folklore’, in
Mnemosyne: A Journal of Classical Studies 65:4-5 (2012), pp. 674-94
Leyden, The Netherlands.
DOI: 10.1163/156852512X585188;jsessionid=1oui4iqk21lc3.x-brill-live-01

Manuel Aguirre

“Gothic Fiction and Folk-Narrative Structure: The Case of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”, in Gothic Studies, 15:2 (forthcoming Nov. 2013).
Manchester, UK.

Manuel Aguirre

‘A Grammar of Gothic: Report on a Research Project on the Forms of the Gothic Genre’, in Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780-1840, 21 (forthcoming)
Cardiff, UK.

Antonia Rodríguez-Gago
“Voices, Bodies and the Subversion of Space: the Theatre of debbie tucker green”, in Deirdre Osborne (ed.) Contradictions and Heritages: Contemporary Black British Women’s Writing. Manchester & London: Manchester University Press, 2013 (forthcoming) (20 pages.).

Antonia Rodríguez-Gago

“Espacios de la memoria: la subversión de un mito cultural en Los dramas de le letra roja de Suzan-Lori Parks”, in Asparkía, Nº 23, Investigación Feminista. Nieves Alberola y Noelia Hernando (Eds.) Castellón: Universitat Jaume I, 2012.

Antonia Rodríguez-Gago

“Voice, Space and Body: the Problems of Translating and Adapting Company for the Screen”, in Tomasz Wisniewski (ed.) Back to the Beckett Text. Gdansk, Poland: Topos, University of Gdansk, 2012, pp 65-80.

Laura Hidalgo Downing and Blanca Kraljevic (2013)‘Introduction’ to Metaphor in the Social World: Special Issue on ‘Metaphorical creativity across modes’. Metaphor in the Social World 32/2.

Laura Hidalgo Downing, Blanca Kraljevic and Begoña Núñez-Perucha
(2013). ‘Metaphorical creativity and recontextualization in multimodal advertisements on e-business across time.’ Special Issue on ‘Metaphorical creativity across modes’. Metaphor in the Social World 32/2.

Mª Ángeles Martínez, Blanca Kraljevic and Laura Hidalgo Downing (2013). ‘Multimodal narrativity in TV ads.’ In Barry Pennock (ed.) The Multimodal Analysis of Television Commercials. Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Valencia.

Laura Hidalgo Downing (in press) ‘The role of negative-modal synergies in Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species.’ In Geoff Thompson and Laura Alba Juez (eds.) Evaluation in Discourse. John Benjamins.

Laura Hidalgo Downing and Begoña Núñez-Perucha (in press). ‘Modality and personal pronouns as indexical markers of stance: Intersubjective positioning and construction of public identity in media interviews.’ In Marín Arrese, Juana, Marta Carretero, Jorge Arús and Johan van der Auera (eds.). Modality and Evidentiality: Core and Periphery. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Laura Hidalgo Downing, Blanca Kraljevic and Mª Ángeles Martínez (in press). ‘Serving desire worlds as a meal: Multimodal narratives of food products in British TV ads.’ In Manuela Romano and Dolores Porto (eds.) Discourse strategies in socio-cognitive and functional perspectives. John Benjamins: Pragmatics and Beyond Series.

Eulalia Piñero Gil. “I’ll be a skylark: Maxine Hong Kingston’s Confesional Poetics in To Be the Poet”, in On the Legacy of Maxine Hong Kingston: The Mulhouse Book. Eds. Sämi Ludwig and Nicoletta Alexoae-Zagni. (Berlin, London: LitVerlag, 2013), pp. 159-169.

Eulalia Piñero Gil. “Staging the Body as a Space of Poverty and Violence in Suzan-Lori Parks’s In the Blood”, in The Backyard of the U.S. Mansion. Eds. J.A. Gurpegui & Isabel Durán. (Alcalá: Instituto Franklin, 2012), pp. 142-154.

Eulalia Piñero Gil. “La traducción como acto de visibilización de la ausencia literaria: The Awakening / El Despertar de Kate Chopin”, in Ausencias: escritoras en los márgenes de la cultura. Eds. Mercedes Arriaga et. al. (Sevilla: ArCiBel editores, 2013), pp. 946-958.

Eulalia Piñero Gil.
“El cuerpo transnacional de la Venus de Suzan-Lori Parks”, in Mujeres en la frontera. Eds. Margarita Almela et. al. (Madrid: UNED, 2013), pp. 315-332.