Current Research Projects

The staff of the MMES are involved in a variety of research projects, most often funded by official bodies. The following are active at the time of publication of the site:

Application of new technologies to the teaching and learning of the courses “Literature and Culture of the English-Speaking Countries: Literatures of Modernism and Postmodernism” (2011--) Funded by: UAM (FyL-L2/8)

Team: Concha Manella (Principal Investigator)
Luisa Antón-Pacheco
María Lozano
Belén Piqueras
Esteban Pujals

The Northanger Library Project (2006---)

Funded by: Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (HUM2006-03404/FILO)

Manuel Aguirre (PI)
Esteban Pujals
Belén Piqueras
Beatriz Sánchez

The NLP brings together three earlier lines of enquiry (see the section Previous Research Projects). Firstly, it continues research into those genres sometimes labelled ‘marginal’; secondly, it continues work on the concept of liminality; in the third place, it takes up and expands the scope of the Gothic Library Project for the recovery of neglected Gothic texts. Funded for three years by the Ministry, it is now an independent concern.

“Between Imagination and Solid Foundation”: A Critical edition of Two Short Stories by Daniel Defoe

Funding body: Spanish Ministry of Education (2013-14)
Team: María Anna Zazzarino (PI)
Manuel Aguirre

The project began officially in November 2013. A descriptor remains to be provided.

The Gothic Short Story as a Liminal Genre (2013---)

Team: Manuel Aguirre (PI)
María Anna Zazzarino

This framework project for the previous takes for its starting-point the hypothesis that specific texts occupy a liminal position between different modes of representation—literature, folklore, journalism, and popular cultures, as well as the literary canon developed in the 18th century. Initiated likewise in November 2013, a detailed descriptor will be forthcoming.

Language, creativity and identity: multisemiotic and cultural perspectives.

Funding body: Banco Santander Central Hispano-UAM. (July 2013---)
Participating Universities: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of Chicago, University of Connecticut, University of Hawai’i at Manoa.
Laura Hidalgo (PI)