The MMES offers a specialized training programme in English literature and culture aimed both at academics and researchers and at professionals in the fields of translation, education, law and management. It caters for the twin requirements of the obtention of knowledge and the acquisition of skills. By the end of the course students will be able to submit and defend a thesis, handle information sources competently, and enter the world of the publishing and culture industries.

The MMES tackles head-on such problems as might result from attempts to fuse cultural margins with the central ‘canonical’ discourse. Because of its interdisciplinary approach, its inclusion of a translation module, and the specificity of Module 6, it has a strong practical component. It is intended to be of use not only to European students, but also to educators wishing to perfect their training in literary and cultural studies and cultural management. It fosters skills in the analysis, interpretation and criticism of literary and non-literary texts.