The MMES aims to form specialists in English literature and culture, in socio-cultural work; to foment skills necessary for the examination of textual and discursive matter in its generic and sociocultural contexts; to train students in critical thought, efficient use of resources (libraries, the Web), argumentation and writing skills and use of the appropriate terminology therein. Likewise, the MMES aims to ensure that students possess:

- The ability to detect and critically examine such generic, formal and theoretical concepts as have been developed over the entire history of literature composed in the English Language.

- The knowledge and critical capacity necessary for analyzing literature in the context of contemporary society and both its attendant problems and those which have been raised by our particular line of enquiry.

-  The ability to pinpoint fundamental questions and key issues in any type of debate, literary or otherwise.

- The ability to situate English literature and cultural discourse (oral as well as written) in both a British and European discursive context.

-The necessary skills for constructing well-reasoned arguments in both written and oral contexts.

-The capacity for organizing disparate materials into coherent pieces of work.

-The ability to deploy the terminology of literary theory and criticism at a professional level.

-The ability to ask pertinent questions on contemporary problems of British and North American society, to think clearly and independently and write essays which would be acceptable on a professional level.