Module 7 in the MMES programme (a mandatory, 15-ECTS module) requires students to write a 30-to-50-page M.A. Thesis (‘Trabajo de Fin de Máster’, TFM) under the supervision of a member of the MMES teaching staff. They are also expected to defend their Thesis before an Assessment Committee. Students are encouraged to develop their Thesis, under the guidance of the instructor in question, from a course paper written during the first semester, but they may also choose to write a Thesis that is not related to any of the courses taught in the programme. Students can also opt between submitting their Thesis in spring (deadline: 15 June) or autumn (deadline: 30 September). For this purpose, they should submit an M.A. Thesis application to the MMES Assessment Committee (15 to 30 April) including a brief description of their intended Project, together with their choice of date and the name of their proposed supervisor. The members of the Committee will then help students fix the topic of their proposal and settle with a supervisor, who will guide the student in her/his search for bibliographical materials and supervise the development of the Thesis in tutorial sessions.


It is understood that, by the time of application submission (15-30 April), work on their Thesis should be well advanced.


The Assessment Committee for the M.A. Thesis consists of three PhD holders from within the MMES teaching staff. The Committee (or ‘Tribunal’) is currently formed by


Manuel Aguirre (president)

Esteban Pujals (secretary)

Robert K. Shepherd


The tutor of a given Thesis will not be able to sit on the Committee when said Thesis is submitted. As per agreement of 13 June 2013, his or her functions on the Committee will be taken up by one of the following:


Daniel Essig

Ana González-Rivas

Pilar Somacarrera


In addition, and provided specific circumstances obtain, the MMES Coordinating Board may choose to call upon an external examiner to replace one of the three members of the Assessment Committee.

The procedure agreed upon for the defence stipulates that the candidate will make a presentation of his or her work for no longer than 15 minutes. The members of the Committee will then have the right to comment on the Thesis and its presentation and to query the candidate’s work on specific or general points. The candidate will then have the right of reply. It is suggested that the entire session should not exceed one hour. For details see the Course Outline for the M. A. Thesis at

Upon successful defence of their M.A. Thesis and completion of the requisite 60 ECTS credits, students receive the Masters Degree in English Studies (‘Máster Universitario en Estudios Literarios y Culturales Británicos y de los Países de Habla Inglesa’). This degree enables them, should they wish it, to initiate work towards a PhD. At that point students are advised to approach either their tutor or a member of the MMES teaching staff with a view to selecting a PhD thesis supervisor.