Welcome to LINE FIELDS, a non-serial, peer-reviewed publication sponsored by the Madrid Master’s in English Studies (MMES). LINE FIELDS provides an exciting forum for research produced initially by students and staff in the MMES. Papers appear independently, subject to no deadlines; this is expected to speed up the publication process. Three series are envisaged within LINE FIELDS at present: The LinE Lectures (the text of the various talks offered by staff and guest speakers within the MMES Research Seminar), Editing Gothic Texts (a collection of edited short fiction in the Gothic genre), and Studies in Gothic Fiction (a companion series of essays dealing with Gothic texts); several more series are being considered. We welcome contributions from both staff and postgraduate students, as well as from outside scholars in any field of research interest; all contributions will be peer-reviewed (double-blind policy); all material accepted will be fully credited. For details see the main MMES website section LINE FIELDS.


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