The Madrid Masters Degree in English Studies is a postgraduate degree in the Department of English Studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. The team consists at present of thirteen staff, plus occasional visiting lecturers.
The MMES provides an ideal opportunity to explore and develop interests in literature in English, while offering a qualification that can act as a foundation for Doctoral research, enhance professional career prospects by developing specific skills, or satisfy the desire to study the literature and culture of English-speaking countries.

The Coordinating Committee (officially known in Spanish as ‘Comisión Técnica de Seguimiento del Máster’, CTSM), is the governing body of the MMES. It convenes frequently, if irregularly. It is currently staffed by seven PhDs, plus two student representatives elected on 18/11/2014:


Composition of the Committee:

Esteban Pujals (Acting coordinator)
Manuel Aguirre (Vice-coordinator and secretary)
Ana González-Rivas
Daniel Essig
Belén Piqueras
Robert K. Shepherd
Pilar Somacarrera
Bezen Tunçok (student representative)
Lidia López (student representative)