In the MMES the traditional exam is practically discarded, while alternative assessment options are favoured. These include class-participation, various forms of continuous assessment, and course papers. Without compromising traditional approaches based on acquisition of knowledge, emphasis is placed throughout on the development of research and writing skills.

At the end of the MMES students will have obtained 60 credits. These are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), in which one credit is valued as 25 hours’ work. The standard course is worth 5 ECTS, that is 125 hours’ work. Work is here defined inclusive of class activities, tutorials and seminars, readings, essay-writing and other types of evaluable independent work. In all, students will have gained 10 ECTS for mandatory courses, 35 for elective courses, and 15 for the Masters Thesis.

See Attendance, Participation and Plagiarism for further information on assessment.