Much of the information students will need is provided in the UAM website at Choose your language (Spanish/English) at the start. Click on Studies, and then on Official Masters Degrees and Doctorates. There click on Accession and Admission to Postgraduate Studies.


  • Much information of a practical nature can be obtained from the International Relations Office (‘Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales’, ORI) in the Faculty of Humanities:
    Phone: +34 91 497 3708 // Fax: +34 91 497 3930 e-mail:


Registration and Admission

For all matters relating to admission procedures, deadlines, registration, fees, documentation, postgraduate grants, See

Part-time registration

Though the MMES is designed as a 60-credit programme all students can complete in one academic year, it is possible to register as a part-time student. The minimum number of ECTS credits for part-time purposes is 24, to a maximum of 36. This means students can take the Masters degree over a two-year period, which may be an attractive arrangement for employed people. Contact the Postgraduate Studies Office.

Financial matters: Fees, subsidies and grants


  • In 2013-14 the Faculty of Humanities offered a number of small bursaries (500 euros) for M.A. students. If the offer is maintained for 2014-15, prospective candidates should address Vicedecanato.posgrado.filosofí


  • As of 2014, registered students have the possibility to apply for a postgraduate Erasmus grant to pursue studies in a UE (non-Spanish) university for one semester; their studies will be homologated as part of their MMES programme credits. Due to administrative restrictions, however, only part-time postgraduate students (see below) are eligible for these grants; the idea is for students to apply during their first year, and to spend one semester abroad during their second year. Check with the ORI.



  • The Postgraduate Studies Centre (‘Centro de Estudios de Postgrado’, CEP) is sited facing the Humanities Building across Tomás y Valiente Street.
  • Further down the same street towards the Campus railway station, the Humanities Library offers among others a solid Eng Lit section and a comfortable study environment.
  • The Social Assistance Office (‘Ayuda Social’) is sited in the Campus Main Square (‘Plaza Mayor’).

Students Reception Office (‘Oficina de Acogida’):
Plaza Mayor Building Ground Floor, Isle F 28049 Madrid
Telephone: 91 497 74 12/ 69 07/ 69 06/ 36 99